23 Jan 2008

HJ's 2008 Winter (I): Skåne direkt (Kanal Lokal TV)

2008.01.23 HJ Skäne direkt

Today I have been interviewed and performed two songs in Skånes Kanal Lokal!. See it HERE. It is the one from 23/1

2007.01.23 HJ - Kanal Lokal (Skäne Direkt) 12007.01.23 HJ - Kanal Lokal (Skäne Direkt) 2

The first song comes after 4 minutes and the interview and the last song - at the very end of the whole show!

Sleepyhead - Kanal Lokal - Skåne direkt -
Wednesday 23rd January 18.00-19.00

Where does the unused love go
(Voz Vibrante Remix)
- Kanal Lokal - Skåne direkt -

Wednesday 23rd January 18.00-19.00

I have added Unused love Remix to myspace.
Helena Josefsson (Sandy Mouche)
Helena Josefsson - H.J.

Videos uploaded by Le Journal des Mouches from Kanal Lokal Skåne
Alberto Fuente - LJdM

Comments by fans:

Do you know that Helena is a really good dancer? She went dancing with a dancegroup, which name I forgot but her sister was in the dancegroup also. They put on some glittery clothes and had shows here in Lund on Stortorget-stage, if I dont remember wrong!

Eva Guillén (aka Ohemul), from Lund, Skäne

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Mario said...

Great videos! Thank you!