1 Sep 2007

Sandy Mouche's new ideas (II): Spiderweb suit (Live Göteborg)

Yesterday, Helena Josefsson played live at d'n'a, Korsgatan, in Göteborg. But she was not alone: Martinique was also there. So it was also an opportunity to remember some songs from Sandy Mouche before they join with Per and Ola Blomgren for a new album.

Helena Josefsson + Martinique Josefsson

1 sept 2007
d´n´a, Korsgatan, Göteborg
KONSERT OCH 2 ÅRSJUBILEUM! Concert and picnic at 18:00.
Design and Art is Lhina and Theresia Hansson's boutique in Göteborg.
# Korsgatan 2 (Drottninggatan 26) 411 16 Göteborg

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