24 Dec 2005

Sandy Mouche's Junk singles (III): Spiderweb Suit

Sandy Mouche is member of Myspace since 25 November 2005. We can listen to some songs there.

Sandy Mouche at myspace.com

Here you can listen to our music and, just as in our guestbook, talk about it with other sandy-people and so on and so on...

Third new single for an upcoming album

“Our latest single available for download. Helena bursting out of her own shell. Moohhoohhoohhhahahhaha.....”

01. Spiderweb Suit (Helena)
02. Une Histoire (Martinique)

According to Anders, from Junk Musik: "
We are PROUD to be able to give you this christmas gift: a new, totally brilliant single from SANDY MOUCHE! It’s a great song, a great vocal performance – and a p-e-r-f-e-c-t single for christmas! It’s also the best way we here at Junk could ever say MERRY CHRISTMAS! Cheers to all of you, and big cheers to Sandy Mouche!

Singles sleeve-design for free in www.sandymouche.com

Merry Christmas to all of you out there! See you in 2006!

For all the hardcore fans out there our single sleeve-designs are available for download. Simply download the sleeve you want and but it in a plastic sleeve togheter with the matching single that you have downloaded and burnt on a cd. Now you have a single with a great sleeve-design that you actually can hold and look at. The sleeve-designs are made by Ola and are free of charge.
Download a sleeve-design:

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