30 Jul 2007

Le Journal des Mouches

My name is Alberto, I am from Spain and this is the first post of a new blog about Helena Josefsson and the bands Sandy Mouche and Son of a Plumber.

It is made ...

- because I wanted to put in order the information we can get about Helena, SM and SOAP in the net,
- and in order not to saturate the Official Fan Forum with too much information and pictures.

I thought it will be easier to put the dates of the events as a Journal: Le Journal des Mouches (that means, the Flies Journal, but it actually refers to Sandy Mouche and Helena Josefsson).

I will be updating this blog and I wish it will be ready very soon.


PS1. Journal des Mouches is only a blog made by a fan. It is not official, but it takes Official sources.

PS2. If you find any photo or information that you think it shouldn't be here, please tell me and I will change it for sure. Thank you

PS3. If you want to publish an article in this simple Journal, just send me an e-mail lantartida (at) yahoo (dot) es

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