17 Jul 2007

EHM Turné 5 - Borgholm

17 July Borgholm Idrottsplatsen

Leaving Lexand! Unconciously pretty, strong sunshine outlines E4: where the bus swings along in boogietempo. Have eaten late but had a good breakfast and watched 'The making of Who's next' for the 20th time, jerk. Yesterday, Leksand was wonderful, and an unbelieveably beautiful place to play, where we saw brightly-coloured galloping in time with this swinging band. Totally simple, an excellent summer evening with "When all friends..." as a big climax. On my day off I need to rest my voice a little after all the Little Richard screaming lately. We've received good criticism in the press, says Dita (presschief)!!!!

Borgholm! Yes!!! Yeap, we’ve been there! In the middle of the cross! We had a cool stormy concert out there on the island. Almost 6000 people met us there, in a shining weather, to see a top form band, I felt cool there, in the spotlight, in front of the audience ….what can I say….it was splendid! The best singing so far, agreed all. We went home to Halmstad directly after the gig, I checked the Wings DVD all along the way and I went to bed at four thirty in the morning with McCartney floating all around. I woke up around 12 in a perfect summer day and I didn’t do too much today. Just a walk, a quick bath in the blue, a great pâté-sandwich. Tomorrow we’re heading to Sofiero outside Helsingborg where almost 10000 people are waiting for us. That’s cool!
Per Gessle

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