14 Jul 2007

EHM Turné 3 - Sandviken

14 July Sandviken Högbo Bruk

Official Video

Hi! Greetings from the second apartment, right in front on the left, the red/mauve bus. We turned off the aircon, just to sweat a bit in the summer sun, I mean my voice has its influence on the aircon when I sing... but what can you do, sweat has its own use! The tour has passed through the Halmstad premiere and through the joyfull Linköping. I was thinking that the premiere was more than a splendido, but now I wonder if Linköping was even sharper yesterday. The band thought it would be o fail. We had almost 5000 people this Friday, the 13th of July, and their reaction was excellent. Thanx to all of you who have been there! We rehearsed "Om du bara vill" on the bus on the way between Tylösand and Linköping and in the evening, we also made a soundcheck and arranged the acoustics as for „Gungar” that we like to play sometimes. Tonight, Sandviken is waiting for us. See you soon. P. PS. The best on the bus "If you go away" with Scott Walker and "Time of the season" with THe Zombies
Per Gessle

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