25 Mar 2007

Helena's Dynamo (VII): Promo in Stockholm

Yesterday, Helena Josefsson promoted her new album in Stockholm. First, she played and signed at Nordiska Kompaniet (NK), the great old department store. Then, she had a TV promo at Bingo Royale (SVT1).

Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away.
Now it looks as though they're here to stay.
Oh, I believe in yesterday.

Yesterday was such a lovely day. Good music and nice people all over and all my troubles just were forgotten for a while. Why can't it be like that forever? Music is one of those things that you just can live for. You don't need anything else. No love, No friends, nothing...The music is your biggest love, The music is your nearest friend. It's always there for you and it's never disappoint you. Live for the music and the music will make you live !!! PS. Buy Dynamo by Helena Josefsson and listen to Sleepyhead such a lovely song...I just bought it on that one. DS.

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Link to an Article in Swedish about Dynamo, by K. Josephson said...

Helena Josefsson - Dynamo

Article by KATARINA JOSEPHSSON - Recensioner från Trots Allt 3/07


Helena Josefsson sjunger om skogen och tomtar och troll och piratkungar. Hon gör fantasifull popmusik och sjunger makalöst. Hennes solodebut är solig och svängig. Att hon gillar Björk är mer än tydligt, särskilt i The moon is a grain of sand. Det är Björk rakt av, från låtuppbyggnad till sångsätt. Det är okej, för jag gillar Björk. Och skivan i övrigt är stark, bra låtar, spännande arrangerade med blås och stråk.