17 Sep 2006

Helena Josefsson, backing singer at Malmö's studios (VII): District 1269 - Summertown, summer flop?

On July 1st 2006, District 1269 (Yonaz Grauholtz + Chris Jersey + Nick Raven), the band from Malmö, released their first single, "Summertown", that includes two songs: "Summertown" (featuring Helena Josefsson) and "As Happy as Me". The songs were recorded at Wonderland Studio, Malmö, with the producer Krister Larsson (Fast Future Records) in two very intense moths (April-May 2006). Yonaz and Chris initial happiness soon turned into sadness and sorrow, since Krister wanted to record dance, while they wanted to make more rock influenced music. They simply didn't get along with their ideas, and according to them, many verbal fights have occurred in the studio.

2006 - District 1269

The band the CD cover photos in Copenhagen and the single has become available in the Wonderland Studio official site and in iTunes. But Yonaz and Chris are not happy at all with the promotion of the single: the result of the single became a sad compromise, which nor the band or the record company were actually satisfied with. Despite this, Summertown has been played in a few local radio channels in Sweden this summer (thanks to Yonaz, not the record company). You can listen to it in District 1269's myspace.

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