1 Jul 2006

Helena Josefsson, backing singer at Malmö's studios (VI): District 1269 - Summertown (single)

District 1269 (Yonaz Grauholtz + Chris Jersey), the band from Malmö, are recording their first official single at Malmö's Wonderland Studio since April 2006. The recording concerns a single including two songs: "Summertown" and the oldie "As Happy as Me" (composed by Yonaz in 2000). They are summer songs and the single is released today, July 1st 2006. To enhance the summer feelings, the producer Krister Larsson had an idea about using the singer Helena Josefsson for backing vocals on Summertown, and so they have done. But Yonaz and Chris happiness soon turned into sadness and sorrow, since Krister wanted to record dance, while they wanted to make more rock influenced music. They simply didn't get along with their ideas, and according to District 1269, many verbal fights have occurred in the studio.

2006.07 - District 1269 - Summertown

The recordings were made in two very intense months. Some days they worked 14 hours in a row. The record company, Fast Future Records, actually liked Yonaz voice, so they have let him make the vocals on Summertown and parts of As Happy as Me. In May, Yonaz, Chris and another guy called Nikk Raven who had joined the band went photo shooting in Copenhagen for the CD cover. You can buy the single in the Wonderland Studio official site.

"Summertown" (featuring Helena) is a great piece of work. I'm not crazy about the lead singer's voice (think Per Gessle with a cold), but the music's pretty good. And Helena adds some lovely ethereal multi-tracked vocals.

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Summertown (lyrics - by Yonaz Grauholtz) said...

There is a sunshine, there is a sunshine in my town
there is a party that's gonna last the whole night long
there is a beauty, there is a beauty in this town
there is a fire, feels like it's gonna burn me down.

The summerwind sweeps through her golden hair
the summer sky's refreshing blue
and when my life is calling, I'll be there
to make my summerdreams come true

I wanna tell you how much you really mean to me
you are the one I wanna see
when I'm feeling low, you know
that's why I really love you so.

There is a feeling, there is a feeling in my head
of that I'm dreaming, of that I'm still in sleep in bed
I have a longing, I have a longing in my head
to feel the fire, to come alive when sky turns red.

The summersun gleams in her golden hair
the summerheat is all around
sometimes I feel the magic everywhere
when summertime has come to town.

I'll never let you down, you are like a dream
you look better than no-one's ever looked
you shine like a bright star, clean
sweeter than no-one's ever been.

The summerwind sweeps through her golden hair
the summersky's refreshing blue
and when my life is calling, I'll be there
to spend my summerdays with you.

Just with you, your voice, and your gentle words
reminds me of all the summerbirds
when they sing their summersong
my body just wanna sing a long

I don't know how my heart stands
without jumping out into your hands
you are like a bright star, clean
sweeter than no-ones ever been.